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Anaplan Modules

Course Syllabus: Anaplan Level 1 Training


Module 1: Introduction to Anaplan

  • Overview of Anaplan and its Features
  • Understanding Anaplan’s Role in Business Planning and Modeling
  • Introduction to Anaplan Interface and Navigation
  • Setting Up Anaplan Workspace and User Accounts


Module 2: Anaplan Basics

  • Navigating Anaplan Workspace: Models, Pages, and Lists
  • Understanding Anaplan Modules and Modules Settings
  • Importing and Exporting Data in Anaplan
  • Building Basic Formulas and Calculations in Anaplan


Module 3: Building Models in Anaplan

  • Understanding Model Building Blocks: Lists, Modules, and Dashboards
  • Creating and Managing Lists: Dimensions and Hierarchies
  • Building Modules for Data Entry and Calculation
  • Configuring Module Settings and Model Properties


Module 4: Data Integration and Data Import

  • Integrating External Data Sources with Anaplan
  • Using Anaplan Connect and Anaplan APIs for Data Integration
  • Importing Data from CSV Files, Excel, and Other Sources
  • Configuring Data Import Actions and Processes


Module 5: Building Dashboards and Reports

  • Designing Dashboards in Anaplan
  • Adding Charts, Grids, and Tables to Dashboards
  • Creating Interactive Dashboards with Drill-Down and Filtering
  • Sharing Dashboards and Reports with Stakeholders
Course Syllabus: Anaplan Level 2 Training


Module 1: Advanced Model Building Techniques

  • Review of Anaplan Model Basics
  • Implementing Dynamic Hierarchies and Parent-Child Relationships
  • Using Advanced Module Settings and Options
  • Building Multi-Dimensional Models for Complex Business Scenarios


Module 2: Advanced Formula Writing in Anaplan

  • Understanding Advanced Formula Writing Concepts
  • Implementing Complex Calculations with Anaplan Functions
  • Utilizing Formula Dependencies and Cross-Module References
  • Optimizing Formulas for Performance and Scalability


Module 3: Advanced Data Integration and Automation

  • Introduction to Anaplan Connect and Integration APIs
  • Implementing Automated Data Import and Export Processes
  • Using Integration Events and Triggers for Real-Time Data Updates
  • Leveraging Anaplan Connect for Advanced Data Integration Scenarios


Module 4: Advanced Dashboard Design and Visualization

  • Designing Interactive Dashboards with Advanced Visualizations
  • Implementing Custom Dashboards and Report Widgets
  • Utilizing Advanced Charting and Graphing Techniques
  • Integrating External Data Sources and Live Data Feeds


Module 5: Scenario Analysis and Advanced Forecasting

  • Implementing Scenario Analysis Models in Anaplan
  • Utilizing Advanced Forecasting Methods and Techniques
  • Building Predictive Models with Anaplan Predictive Insights
  • Incorporating Machine Learning Models into Anaplan Workflows


Module 6: Advanced Collaboration and Workflow Management

  • Implementing Advanced Collaboration Features in Anaplan
  • Configuring Multi-Dimensional Approvals and Workflows
  • Managing Complex Access Controls and User Permissions
  • Implementing Advanced Version Control and Model Governance


Module 7: Advanced Performance Optimization

  • Analyzing and Optimizing Anaplan Model Performance
  • Implementing Data Aggregation Strategies for Large Models
  • Leveraging Parallel Processing and Multi-Threaded Calculations
  • Implementing Performance Monitoring and Tuning Techniques


Module 8: Advanced Anaplan Administration

  • Managing Large-Scale Anaplan Deployments
  • Implementing Scalable Anaplan Architectures and Environments
  • Administering Anaplan Workspaces, Models, and Users
  • Implementing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
Course Syllabus: Anaplan Level 3 Training


Module 1: Advanced Model Optimization Techniques

  • Review of Anaplan Model Architecture and Design Principles
  • Advanced Model Optimization Strategies for Large-Scale Models
  • Implementing Data Partitioning and Segmentation Techniques
  • Utilizing Advanced Model Building Best Practices


Module 2: Advanced Anaplan Scripting and Automation

  • Introduction to Anaplan Scripting Language (ASL)
  • Implementing Custom Scripting for Advanced Automation Tasks
  • Leveraging ASL for Complex Data Manipulation and Calculations
  • Integrating External Systems and Services using Anaplan APIs


Module 3: Advanced Data Integration Patterns

  • Designing Complex Data Integration Patterns in Anaplan
  • Implementing Real-Time Data Streaming and Event-Driven Architectures
  • Leveraging Anaplan HyperConnect for Advanced Data Integration
  • Building Data Pipelines and ETL Processes with Anaplan


Module 4: Advanced Predictive Modeling and Analytics

  • Introduction to Advanced Predictive Analytics in Anaplan
  • Implementing Machine Learning Models for Forecasting and Predictions
  • Building Advanced Statistical Models for Business Analytics
  • Leveraging Anaplan Insights for Data Exploration and Insights Discovery


Module 5: Advanced Scenario Planning and Decision Analysis

  • Implementing Advanced Scenario Planning Models in Anaplan
  • Utilizing Sensitivity Analysis and What-If Scenarios
  • Incorporating Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
  • Building Decision Analysis Models for Strategic Planning


Module 6: Advanced Collaboration and Governance

  • Implementing Advanced Collaboration Features for Cross-Functional Teams
  • Configuring Anaplan Workflows for Complex Approval Processes
  • Managing Data Governance and Compliance in Anaplan
  • Implementing Advanced Access Controls and User Permissions


Module 7: Advanced Performance Tuning and Optimization

  • Implementing Advanced Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Leveraging Anaplan Premium Features for Performance Optimization
  • Identifying and Resolving Performance Bottlenecks in Anaplan Models
  • Implementing Continuous Performance Improvement Strategies


Module 8: Advanced Anaplan Administration and Deployment

  • Managing Multi-Workspace Deployments in Anaplan
  • Implementing High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Scaling Anaplan Environments for Enterprise Deployments
  • Managing Anaplan Upgrades and Version Control
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