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"Appium Mastery: Java-Based Mobile Automation Online Course"

Appium with Java Training in Bangalore

Appium with Java Module

Course Module: Appium with Java – Mobile Automation Essentials


Module 1: Introduction to Appium and Mobile Automation

  • Overview of Appium and its Features
  • Understanding the Role of Appium in Mobile Automation
  • Setting Up Appium Environment for Java Development
  • Exploring Appium Architecture and Components


Module 2: Setting Up Appium Environment

  • Installing Appium Server and Required Dependencies
  • Configuring Appium for Android and iOS Automation
  • Setting Up Android SDK and Emulator for Testing
  • Configuring Appium Desired Capabilities for Test Execution


Module 3: Mobile Elements Locators and Actions

  • Understanding Mobile Elements and UI Locators
  • Identifying Mobile Elements Using Appium Inspector
  • Implementing Mobile Element Interactions: Click, Type, Swipe, etc.
  • Handling Mobile Gestures and Touch Actions in Appium


Module 4: Building Test Framework with TestNG and Appium

  • Introduction to TestNG Framework for Java
  • Setting Up TestNG Environment for Appium Testing
  • Creating Test Cases and Test Suites with TestNG Annotations
  • Implementing Test Data Management and Parameterization


Module 5: Handling Mobile Application Flows

  • Understanding Mobile Application Flows and Navigation
  • Implementing Page Object Model (POM) for Mobile Automation
  • Building Page Classes and Test Cases for Application Flows
  • Handling Alerts, Pop-ups, and System Dialogs in Mobile Apps


Module 6: Data-Driven Testing with Appium and Java

  • Introduction to Data-Driven Testing Concepts
  • Implementing Data-Driven Tests with TestNG Data Providers
  • Reading Test Data from External Sources: Excel, CSV, JSON, etc.
  • Implementing Data-Driven Tests for Mobile Applications


Module 7: Mobile App Testing Strategies

  • Overview of Mobile App Testing Strategies: Smoke Testing, Regression Testing, etc.
  • Implementing Automated Regression Tests with Appium
  • Handling Mobile App Installation and Uninstallation
  • Implementing Test Suites and Test Execution Strategies


Module 8: Handling Device Rotation and Orientation

  • Understanding Device Rotation and Orientation in Mobile Automation
  • Handling Device Rotation and Orientation Changes in Appium Tests
  • Implementing Automated Tests for Different Screen Orientations
  • Handling Landscape and Portrait Modes in Mobile Apps


Module 9: Advanced Appium Techniques and Best Practices

  • Implementing Wait Strategies for Synchronization in Appium
  • Handling Asynchronous Operations and AJAX Calls
  • Implementing Logging and Reporting in Appium Tests
  • Implementing Error Handling and Retry Mechanisms


Module 10: Appium Parallel Execution and CI/CD Integration

  • Setting Up Appium Parallel Execution with TestNG
  • Integrating Appium Tests with Continuous Integration (CI) Tools
  • Implementing CI/CD Pipelines for Mobile Automation
  • Best Practices for Scalable and Maintainable Appium Test Automation


Each module will include hands-on exercises, projects, and assessments to reinforce learning and practical application of Appium with Java concepts.

  • 1 to 1.5 Month
  • Weekdays : Mon to Fri ( 1hr/day )
  • Weekend: 2hrs/day
  • Flexible Time
  • Free Session Videos
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Helping to Get a Job
  • Resume Preparation
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