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C# Module

Course Title: Mastering C# Programming


Module 1: Introduction to C# and .NET Framework

  • Overview of C# programming language
  • Introduction to .NET Framework and its components
  • Setting up a development environment with Visual Studio
  • Writing and running a simple C# program
  • Understanding the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Common Type System (CTS)
  • Interoperability with other .NET languages


Module 2: C# Basics

  • Basic syntax and data types in C#
  • Variables, constants, and data manipulation
  • Control flow: if statements, loops, switch statements
  • Handling exceptions and errors
  • Working with arrays and collections
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts


Module 3: Object-Oriented Programming in C#

  • Understanding classes and objects in C#
  • Properties, methods, and constructors
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Encapsulation and access modifiers
  • Abstract classes and interfaces
  • Working with static members and static classes


Module 4: Advanced C# Programming

  • Delegates, events, and lambda expressions
  • Generics and generic collections
  • LINQ (Language Integrated Query) for data querying
  • Asynchronous programming with async/await
  • Reflection and attributes
  • Working with files and streams
  • 3 Weeks
  • Weekdays : Mon to Fri ( 1hr/day )
  • Weekend: 2hrs/day
  • Flexible Time
  • Free Session Videos
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Helping to Get a Job
  • Resume Preparation
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