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"Unleashing Data Insights: Mastering DOMO Analytics Online Course"

DOMO Training in Hivi Technology

DOMO Module

Course Module: Learning DOMO Essentials


Module 1: Introduction to DOMO

  • Overview of DOMO Platform and its Features
  • Understanding the Role of DOMO in Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Exploring DOMO Interface and Navigation
  • Setting Up DOMO Account and Workspace


Module 2: Connecting Data Sources to DOMO

  • Importing Data into DOMO from Various Sources: Databases, Cloud Services, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Understanding DOMO Data Connector Options and Integration Methods
  • Configuring Data Connections and Schedules for Automated Updates
  • Managing Data Sources and Data Sets in DOMO


Module 3: Data Preparation and Transformation

  • Data Cleansing and Transformation Techniques in DOMO
  • Handling Missing Values, Duplicates, and Outliers
  • Normalizing and Standardizing Data for Analysis
  • Implementing Data Quality Checks and Validation in DOMO


Module 4: Building Cards and Visualizations

  • Introduction to DOMO Cards and Visualization Types
  • Creating Basic Visualizations: Bar Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, etc.
  • Customizing Visualizations with DOMO Cards Builder
  • Implementing Drill-Down and Filtering Features


Module 5: Advanced Data Analysis with DOMO

  • Implementing Advanced Data Analysis Techniques in DOMO
  • Performing Statistical Analysis and Calculations
  • Utilizing DOMO Beast Mode for Custom Calculations
  • Building Advanced Dashboards and Reports in DOMO


Module 6: DOMO Alerts and Notifications

  • Setting Up Alerts and Notifications in DOMO
  • Defining Thresholds and Conditions for Alert Triggers
  • Configuring Delivery Channels: Email, SMS, Mobile App Notifications, etc.
  • Monitoring and Managing Alerts in DOMO


Module 7: Collaboration and Sharing in DOMO

  • Collaborating on Data and Insights with Team Members in DOMO
  • Sharing DOMO Cards, Dashboards, and Reports with Stakeholders
  • Utilizing DOMO Workspaces and Groups for Collaboration
  • Implementing Version Control and Change Management in DOMO


Module 8: DOMO Administration and Governance

  • Understanding DOMO Admin Console and Configuration Options
  • Managing Users, Roles, and Permissions in DOMO
  • Implementing Data Governance and Security Measures
  • Monitoring Usage and Performance Metrics in DOMO

Module 9: DOMO Embedding and Integration

  • Embedding DOMO Cards and Dashboards into External Applications and Websites
  • Integrating DOMO with Third-Party Tools and Services
  • Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and Authentication Mechanisms
  • Leveraging DOMO APIs for Custom Integration and Automation
  • 1 to 1.5 Month
  • Weekdays : Mon to Fri ( 1hr/day )
  • Weekend: 2hrs/day
  • Flexible Time
  • Free Session Videos
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Helping to Get a Job
  • Resume Preparation
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