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IBM Maximo Module

Course Syllabus: IBM Maximo Fundamentals


Module 1: Introduction to IBM Maximo

  • Overview of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and IBM Maximo
  • Understanding the Role of IBM Maximo in Asset Management
  • Key Features and Capabilities of IBM Maximo
  • Overview of IBM Maximo Architecture and Components


Module 2: IBM Maximo Installation and Configuration

  • Preparing for IBM Maximo Installation: System Requirements, Prerequisites, etc.
  • Installing IBM Maximo: On-Premises vs. Cloud Deployment Options
  • Configuring IBM Maximo Instances: Database Setup, Application Server Configuration, etc.
  • Post-Installation Tasks and Initial Setup


Module 3: Navigating the IBM Maximo User Interface

  • Introduction to IBM Maximo User Interface (UI)
  • Exploring Main Application Modules: Work Order Management, Asset Management, Inventory Management, etc.
  • Understanding Navigation Paths, Menus, and Toolbars
  • Customizing User Interface Layouts and Preferences


Module 4: Asset Management in IBM Maximo

  • Managing Asset Lifecycle: Asset Creation, Modification, and Retirement
  • Asset Hierarchies and Relationships
  • Asset Classification and Categorization
  • Asset Tracking and Location Management


Module 5: Work Management in IBM Maximo

  • Creating and Managing Work Orders: Work Planning, Scheduling, and Assignment
  • Work Order Prioritization and Escalation
  • Tracking Work Order Status and Progress
  • Integrating Work Management with Asset Management Processes


Module 6: Inventory Management in IBM Maximo

  • Managing Inventory Items and Stock Levels
  • Inventory Replenishment and Procurement
  • Inventory Transactions: Receiving, Issuing, and Transferring Inventory
  • Inventory Valuation and Cost Control


Module 7: Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

  • Implementing Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Setting Up Meter-Based and Calendar-Based Maintenance Schedules
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
  • Using IBM Maximo for Asset Health Monitoring and Analysis


Module 8: Reporting and Analytics with IBM Maximo

  • Overview of Reporting and Analytics Features in IBM Maximo
  • Creating and Customizing Reports: Standard Reports, Ad-Hoc Reports, etc.
  • Leveraging IBM Cognos Analytics for Advanced Reporting and Data Visualization
  • Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Dashboards for Performance Monitoring


Module 9: IBM Maximo Administration and Security

  • Administering IBM Maximo Instances: User Management, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), etc.
  • Configuring Security Settings and Permissions
  • Managing System Settings and Preferences
  • Performing Routine Maintenance and System Updates


Module 10: Integration and Extensibility

  • Integrating IBM Maximo with Other Enterprise Systems: ERP, GIS, IoT, etc.
  • Customizing IBM Maximo Functionality with Automation Scripts and Workflows
  • Developing Extensions and Add-Ons with IBM Maximo Application Designer
  • Best Practices for Extending and Integrating IBM Maximo


Each module will include lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and assessments to provide participants with practical experience and proficiency in IBM Maximo fundamentals.

  • 1 to 1.5 Month
  • Weekdays : Mon to Fri ( 1hr/day )
  • Weekend: 2hrs/day
  • Flexible Time
  • Free Session Videos
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Helping to Get a Job
  • Resume Preparation
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