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Palo Alto Networks: Securing Your Digital World

Paloalto Module

Module Title: Understanding Palo Alto Networks Security Solutions


Module Description: This module provides an introduction to Palo Alto Networks, a leading cybersecurity company known for its next-generation firewall solutions. Participants will learn about the key features and capabilities of Palo Alto Networks security products, including firewalls, threat prevention, network security management, and cloud security. Through practical examples and case studies, students will gain insights into how Palo Alto Networks solutions can protect organizations from a wide range of cyber threats.


Module Objectives:


  • Understand the importance of cybersecurity in modern organizations.
  • Learn about Palo Alto Networks as a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions.
  • Explore the features and capabilities of Palo Alto Networks firewalls and security platforms.
  • Gain insights into deploying and managing Palo Alto Networks security solutions.
  • Understand how Palo Alto Networks helps organizations prevent and respond to cyber threats.


Module Outline:


  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity and Palo Alto Networks

    • Overview of cybersecurity threats and challenges facing organizations.
    • Introduction to Palo Alto Networks: company background, mission, and products.
    • Understanding the role of Palo Alto Networks in protecting networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.
  2. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

    • Understanding the concept of next-generation firewalls (NGFW).
    • Overview of Palo Alto Networks NGFW features and capabilities.
    • Exploring Palo Alto Networks firewall architecture and deployment options.
  3. Threat Prevention and Security Services

    • Introduction to threat prevention technologies: antivirus, anti-malware, intrusion prevention system (IPS).
    • Exploring Palo Alto Networks security services: WildFire, Threat Prevention, URL Filtering.
    • Understanding how Palo Alto Networks detects and mitigates cyber threats in real-time.
  4. Network Security Management with Panorama

    • Overview of Palo Alto Networks Panorama: centralized management platform.
    • Configuring and managing firewall policies using Panorama.
    • Implementing security best practices and compliance standards with Panorama.
  5. Cloud Security with Prisma Cloud

    • Introduction to cloud security challenges and risks.
    • Overview of Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud: cloud security platform.
    • Implementing cloud security policies, monitoring, and compliance with Prisma Cloud.
  6. Threat Intelligence and Automation

    • Leveraging threat intelligence feeds and indicators of compromise (IOCs) with Palo Alto Networks.
    • Introduction to automation and orchestration capabilities in Palo Alto Networks security solutions.
    • Implementing automated threat response and incident remediation workflows.
  7. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    • Understanding the concept of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).
    • Exploring Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access: cloud-delivered SASE platform.
    • Implementing secure access, connectivity, and network security policies with Prisma Access.
  • 1 to 1.5 Month
  • Weekdays : Mon to Fri ( 1hr/day )
  • Weekend: 2hrs/day
  • Flexible Time
  • Free Session Videos
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  • Lifetime Customer Support
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