Hivi Technology

Best IT Course Training Institute in Bangalore


Hivi Technology is a prominent online training institute in India, specializing in IT and software courses. With a comprehensive catalog of over 100 courses, Hivi Technology caters to a wide range of learners, including freshers, working professionals, and individuals from non-IT backgrounds.

Course Offerings and Specializations

Hivi Technology offers a diverse array of courses across various IT domains, including:

**Programming Languages**: Python, Java, C#, C++, Swift, and more.

**Web Development**: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Angular, Node.js, and Vue.js.

**Cloud Computing**: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

**Database Management**: MySQL, MongoDB, and SQL.

**Software Testing**: Manual Testing, Automation Testing.

**Other Technologies**: DevOps, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, PCB Design, and more【6†source】【7†source】.

Training Approach and Features

Hivi Technology emphasizes a flexible and student-centric approach, providing customizable course modules and flexible timings to accommodate different schedules. Their training methodology includes:

**Live Sessions**: Interactive live classes to ensure real-time engagement and learning.

**1:1 Training**: Personalized training sessions to address individual learning needs.

**Project Support**: Hands-on projects to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

**Professional Mentors**: Guidance from experienced industry professionals.

**Lifetime Support**: Continuous support and access to resources even after course completion【5†source】【8†source】.

Additional Benefits

Students at Hivi Technology also benefit from:

**Free Demo Sessions**: Prospective students can try out courses before committing.

**Certification**: Recognized certificates upon course completion.

**Job Assistance**: Help with resume preparation and job placement support.

**Customer Support**: 24/7 customer support to address any issues or queries【7†source】【8†source】.

Reputation and Reviews

Hivi Technology has trained over 250 international professionals, reflecting its global reach and impact. The institute is praised for its knowledgeable instructors, practical training approach, and comprehensive course content【5†source】【7†source】.

For more information, you can visit Hivi Technology’s [official website]( and explore their course offerings and training programs.

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